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The Beauty of Flagstone

The Beauty of Flagstone Inglewood, CA Elegance and natural beauty are just some of the reasons why a lot of people use natural stones in their homes or commercial properties. They can easily make certain areas look stunningly beautiful. But aside from the aesthetic benefits of the natural stones, they are also durable construction materials. In fact, there is no other masonry material that can match their durability and toughness. Most of the stone structures made centuries ago are still standing today. Meanwhile, the stones used in homes and commercial properties are available as tiles, pavers, or flagstone. The latter is preferred by many property owners because of its irregular shape, which enhances the natural beauty of any feature or amenity.

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Beautiful Flagstone

Flagstone is available in many shapes, sizes, and thickness. These characteristics result in beautiful features and amenities. When creatively installed by professionals, the natural beauty of this stone type is easily highlighted. Here are some of the types of flagstone and their salient features:

  • Sandstone. Choose sandstone if you want to create an earthy or contemporary look for your outdoor structures or amenity. It is available in soft pastel colors that range from beige to red. They can be used on patios and walkways.

  • Bluestone. If you want a tough paving material, then choose bluestone. It is a dense flagstone with rough texture and a slip-resistant surface. It can also withstand extreme weather conditions such as winter. High-quality bluestone comes from Pennsylvania and New York, so ask your supplier about the source of their stones. It comes in shades of gray, blue, and purple.

  • Quartzite. It has a glossy, smooth surface and ageless appearance. This type of flagstone has a non-slip surface, stain resistant, and more durable than sandstone. Some of the colors that you may choose from include silver, gold and lighter hues.

  • Slate. The antique look of slate is one of the reasons why property owners choose it for wall cladding. It is available in silver, gray, copper, and green.

Flagstone applications

You can use flagstone in both indoor and outdoor applications. But the most noted use of this stone type is in the outdoor area. It is best used on patios, pool decks, outdoor kitchens, walkways, garden paths, walls, and other outdoor living amenities. If your project is not mentioned, just call us at Patagonia Building Supplies. We have people who can assist you in choosing the right type of stone for your project.

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