Flagstone and Boulders Waterscapes

Low maintenance hardscapes which add a dramatic flair with minimal impact
Courtesy of Sierra Pacific Design
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Flagstone is created by the hardening of sediment layers by pressure and low heat, usually under water. It often consists of layers or strata of sand, clay or organic sediments. Flagstone pavers are some of the most preferred and used paving materials by contractors, builders, architects, and DIY enthusiasts. They are typically derived from various natural stones such as bluestone, quartzite, or sandstone and are formed by cutting them into slabs. This material is durable, easy to maintain, slip-and acid resistant, and offers various customization possibilities. Property owners can also choose various colors, patterns, shapes, and finishes for them.

Flagstone can be left in its natural state to form free-flowing, random designs or machined to make neat squares and rectangles. Flagstone gets its coloring (that does not fade with time) naturally from the rock, so you can find an entire earth-toned rainbow of greens, reds, browns, grays, and even blues. The variation in color makes flagstone ideal for custom hardscape projects. It can lead to the creation of some eye-catching design that will surely make your property stand out effortlessly. In addition, flagstone designs can range from simple and organic to ornate and formal, so at Patagonia Building Supplies there is something for everyone.

Choosing the right stone for your new hardscape element is dependent on a number of factors. Homeowners must consider their personal taste, the selection available, and more to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. Our team of experienced people at Patagonia Building Supplies is here to help you with any information or advice you need, so please contact us.
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