Flagstone and Boulders Waterscapes

Low maintenance hardscapes which add a dramatic flair with minimal impact
Courtesy of Sierra Pacific Design
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Sustainable Landscape

Low Maintenance Landscaping, Los Angeles, CA Patagonia Building Supplies has everything you need for a low maintenance sustainable landscape. Rocks for hardscaping along fence and border areas, pebbles for around plants, dry wood, reclaimed beams for borders, compost for preparing the soil, Patagonia Building Supplies has all the materials for your new look.

Prepare Your Lands

Sustainable Landscaping Materials In preparing your yard for a drought tolerant landscape, first thing you want to do is contact Patagonia Building Supplies about our Green Waste program. We use old dirt, grass and other landscape materials and put it to good use in our recycling plan. Than we carry wood compost and mulch to help prepare your grounds to be more drought tolerant. Remember, your soil still needs moisture, and low watering maintenance techniques such as drip irrigation and soaker hoses are a great way to keep soil healthy and moist at a fraction of the cost of watering a lawn. Even modest amounts of water are all drought resistant plants need to stay healthy and green year round.


Landscaping CA Pebbles, rocks, flagstone, broken concrete are all great accents to the lavish and colorful sustainable plants you can use in your new drought resistant landscape. Smooth river bed rocks are great for providing expansive ground cover with a colorful twist of scenery. Pebbles are great for trim and low usage walk ways and come in a variety of colors to provide a colorful backdrop to the lush green succulents you can plant throughout your landscape. Boulders also make great accents to landscape, and also make for interesting conversation pieces. From lava rock boulders for a hard rugged look, to smooth cobble boulders for a softer southwestern look, West Los Angles Building Materials has the landscaping materials you need.

Follow Your Own Path

Sustainability, CA Flagstone, pavers and Decomposed Granite (DG) are great for the pathways and stepping stones to provide access through your landscape. Whether the path leads to your front door or your back gazebo, Patagonia Building Supplies has a look for you. We carry a multitude of colors and sizes in flagstone, slate, quartzite and concrete pavers. Mix and match, combine and contrast. If you can dream it, we can deliver the materials to bring it to life.

Borders and Trim

Borders and Trimh All this rock, gravel and flagstone looks great in your new landscape, but remember, it only looks good if it's staying in place. That's where borders come into play. Buildings, homes, and various do-it-yourself projects are removed with sustainability in mind, the wood inside is carefully removed and reused. Patagonia Building Supplies is a leader in recycling construction materials. Old construction becomes new landscape. Larger pieces can be used as retaining walls, support posts or base for elevated yard areas. Smaller pieces can be used as sectional trim and pathway guides. Use recycled wood such as Railrooad Ties to separate rocks and gravel from wood trimmings and ground cover.

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