Flagstone and Boulders Waterscapes

Low maintenance hardscapes which add a dramatic flair with minimal impact
Courtesy of Sierra Pacific Design
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Quartzite is a metamorphic stone formed when quartz-rich sandstone has been exposed to pressure and high temperatures. These conditions fuse the quartz grains together forming a hard, dense, equiangular rock. Quartzite tends to have a sugary appearance and glassy lustre.

If you have just purchased a home or are thinking of renovating your existing one and would like to add something new, then maybe a quartzite patio or walkway would be a great option for you. At Patagonia Building Supplies we have we have access to the best natural stone products and materials. Our philosophy is that by using the best quality stones, such as quartzite, you will end up with an outdoor area that is not only beautiful to look at but one that will be durable and last a lifetime.

Our staff is always ready to provide you with all the information you may require and answer all of your queries. Contact us today and we will get you one step closer to having the best materials for installing your very own elegant quartzite paved outdoor area!

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Charcoal Grey DG
Idaho Quartzite Sockeye
Bouquet canyon/ high desert flagstone
Idaho quartzite-charcoal
Idaho quartzite-silver
Idaho quarzite-gold
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