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Many property owners struggle with soil erosion problems, but many different structures and solutions exist to mitigate these issues. Rip rap rock is an effective and affordable method of tackling soil erosion. This material may also be called shot rock or rock armor, and many clients source it from us to protect bridge abutments, streambeds, shoreline structures, pilings, etc., against scour. Call us for the best riprap if you want to stabilize stream banks on your property, create retaining walls in a landscape, or a barrier on steep drop-offs or a driveway.

What Is Rip Rap Rock?

Rock Slope Protection (RSP) is a widely used shore and bank protection method and material. RSP or riprap rock consists of one or multiple rock layers. It’s placed along stream/riverbanks or lake or ocean shores to help prevent erosion.

This commonly used method is ideal for concentrated runoff areas where soil erosion is an issue. Riprap is a layer of massive, interlocked stones that create a barrier on unstable slopes that receive a concentrated water flow or suffer from seepage problems.

Uses For High-Quality Riprap Rock

Soil erosion can affect wash-out roadways, bridges, landscaping, etc., causing property losses. Preventing erosion helps make these outdoor spaces safer for use. At first, glance, rip rap rock may seem like a straightforward way to mitigate damage caused by excess amounts of water, but these installations must be engineered well. You also need high-grade materials for stable and durable features. Our company has been a leading supplier of riprap rock and other building supplies in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura County for over 40 years. Riprap is extremely useful in various construction applications such as:
  • Sloped and channel sides
  • Grade stabilization structures
  • Culverts outlets and inlets
  • Bridges
  • Drainage Structures
  • Stream banks
  • Storm drains
We carry different sizes/grades of rip rap, and you can select the ones that suit your specific application or site. This product is eco-friendly, looks natural, and is easy to install, replace, and repair.

High-Quality Rip Rap Supply

If you are looking for high-grade rip rap, we are the company to call. We have been in this business for over four decades and work with various local quarries to source the best materials on the market. You will find that all these materials are fairly priced. Our team is knowledgeable and helpful and will provide you with the details about rip rap rock, the different grades/sizes, etc. We aim to provide you with suitable supplies at cost-effective pricing. Once you decide the quality and quantity you need, we will deliver the rip rap and any other building supplies to your site at a time convenient to you.

For more information about rip rap rock and other landscaping supplies we provide, please call Patagonia Building Supplies at any of the numbers mentioned on this Contact Us page. We operate out of three locations. You can also send us your queries and requests via this Online Form, and one of our knowledgeable team members will contact you shortly.

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